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"Ghost Hunt" ?

As I'm working on the site I'm thinking about the term "Ghost Hunt" ..... I am personally not a fan of the term. I prefer Paranormal Investigation. I don't ever recall going out "ghost hunting" and bringing back a trophy ghost to mount on my wall.

What we do when we go on an investigation is not hunt ghosts. We collect information from the person or persons being affected by what they believe to be paranormal activity and we investigate the cause of the activity. We ask are there any medical issues, drug issues, structural issues, weather, and any other possible logical for the activity. Once we have ruled out all of that, we then start looking for paranormal answers.

Most of our team members are skeptical believers. This means believing in spirits, ghosts, hauntings, and possesion, but it also means we do not believe every haunting is really a haunting. Sometimes it's simply a loose floor board or a draft.

I do not go into a persons residence hoping to tell them yes you are being haunted, my hope is that there is a logical explanation. It's not easy to tell parents with 3 small children that there is a demon terrorizing their kids. But if that is the case it is a wonderful feeling to be able to help them by removing it. Or if it's a spirit watching over and protecting them it is nice to be able comfort them with that knowledge.

I will admit I do love going into old abandoned properties and finding paranormal activity.

So ends another one of my rambling.

Blessed Be

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