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It is R.E.A.P. Investigations Mission to educate  and make the public aware of  the paranormal and to help  those being affected by researching and investigating possible paranormal  activity and  the legends of hauntings in Northeastern Pennsylvania and across the country. 

Our primary focus is private residences and local business but sometimes we will investigate the "Historically Haunted" places for fun.

 Reaper is a founding member of The GUARDIANS OF THE SWORD.

Our primary goal is to debunk possible paranormal activity and then focus on what can not be debunked.

We believe in preserving history through the paranormal and help many locations raise money to preserve history.

We will speak with you via telephone or e-mail if you have questions or need help that does not require an investigation, we are here to help.

We do not charge but do appreciate donations and spreading the word about us.

E-Mail us for an investigation 

or call us at 570-606-5242

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