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Heidi has an insatiable curiosity for the paranormal which has been with her since childhood but heighted following a near death experience in 2000… only increasing the interest. At the same time, she is admittedly an “software and electronics junkie” with an interest in not only how equipment is designed and works, but how that translates to the perception of the other side. She has been part of the field for approximately 12 years and in addition to this, part of specific teams (in the Boston area) for the last 4.5 years all of which have reminded her that despite what you believe you know…we are just all just mere “toddlers of the universe” which is a constant reminder to remain curious, be open and stay humble.
Walking both the lines of professional and personal experiences, she has an understanding of that most people are coming to the paranormal because of a loss of someone and that loss has to be met with compassion in investigations, the intent to help and sensitivity. She is Children’s Hope and Recovery Foundation Community Response Trauma Trained, Community Asset Development certified, Performance Outcome Measurement educated, Trained in Mediation, Nurturing Family Philosophy as well as several others. She is also well versed in branding, marketing, sales and holds 29 certificates as a Certified Event Planner. She has worked as a Program Coordinator for the better part of her career and as such, she has a real understanding regarding the human element of people experiencing loss and transition.
In her early career she coordinated a Taskforce office in the Federal Boston Housing Development (South Boston) serving 850 of Boston’s most impoverished families as an Advocate and Community Coordinator. Then from there she coordinated a large Vocational Rehabilitation Program helping recipients of Transitional Assistance for Needy Families comply with program requirements including managing cases/staff, hosting workshops, diagnostic/educational testing and professional reporting. From there she left the non-profit sector and began helping large commercial and industrial customers apply for energy efficiency funds through the energy rebate programs specific to motors and variable frequency drives.
Although admittedly very science minded, she has a deep interest in foundations of core belief systems, quantum mechanics, software/electronics design and that the same time she walks the thin line with the sincerest attempt to connect, help and learn on the both the human and paranormal sides.

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