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Kayce has had paranormal experiences since she was a child. She has been able to see and hear spirits from an early age. She is also empathic. She can see auras around people and has since childhood. She thought everyone could see the things she had her entire life. It wasn’t until she was a teenager that she realized not everyone  could see what she was seeing.

She grew up in two homes that had paranormal activity. Plus she had family with haunted houses. So from early on in childhood the paranormal was something she was wanting to learn more about.

She is also an identical twin and her sister also has gifts. They always had a connection growing up, they both were never alone in their paranormal experiences.

Kayce started investigating about 4 years ago, and is ready to investigate for as long as she can. “I can’t wait to go to new places and investigate as much as possible. This is my passion and I look forward to helping both the living and dead.”

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