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 30+ year veteran of serving the US military and other federal agencies providing intelligence support for counterterrorism and military force protection (Interrogations, Informant Networks, Law Enforcement Investigative Analysis, and Counternarcotic) in some fashion or another. I speak multiple languages and I currently have interest in interviewing techniques, neurolinguistics, cold case files, and of course the paranormal. I grew up reading books about the paranormal and watching some of the tv shows and decided around 2006, after my military retirement, to delve into the paranormal world to see if it could be recorded or backed up with recognized scientific equipment (not a lab). I have conducted extensive investigations as a group member or independent investigator all over the east coast for the last 12 years, analyzing the types of equipment used and attempting to gather evidence using more than one medium to try and explain unexplainable activity. I’ve had the great opportunity in that time to capture intelligent EVPs, video physical manipulation of objects, and disembodied voices and footsteps occurring during investigations. Some years ago, fate brought Bill, Kris,  and myself together for an investigation. I can’t imagine not moving forward without joining them  in future investigations to try and capture legitimate unexplained activity.

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