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Rhonda is a Geomantic/Intuitive Empath, Paranormal Investigator/Researcher.


I have been drawn to death and the afterlife since the passing of my fathers parents in 1976/1977. They passed away 9 months apart. This is when I first noticed my abilities as an empath, but couldn’t put into words what I was seeing and feeling.


I’m also drawn to certain locations/buildings. Physically touching a building or object. I love to research the locations or land that I’m going to investigate.

This helps with asking questions during EVP sessions and reviewing evidence.


As a geomantic empath it’s important for me to spend time in nature to recharge/ground.


My areas of interest are:


Telepathy, Poltergeist Phenomena and Apportation of objects.


I look forward to working with like minded investigators in search of evidence of the afterlife.  

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