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What Should I Expect to Happen During an Investigation?

     The first thing that occurs is the initial phone call or email to us. During this communication we will ask you some preliminary questions, the who, what, when, and where of it.

     Following that conversation we will have our researchers do their job. They will research the history of the property and surrounding area.

     If we decide to take your case, you will then meet with our team case manager. She will talk to you about medical history such as meds, drugs (prescription and recreational), and she will ask about any mental health issues. Why do we ask about these things, and why is it important for truthfulness? Many drugs alone or when combined can cause halucinations we need to rule these things out. We are there to help you with your "haunting" we are not there to judge you and we are not there to turn you in for what you choose to use.

     After that interview we will look over the property to start debunking possible activities. You feel cold whenever you are on the stairway landing.... this could be movement of air due to structure and heat rising while displacing cold air down onto you. The door opens whenever you step on the porch, this may be a shift in the door casing causing the door to shift loose. Many things people believe are spiritual activity can be easily explained.

     Once all of that is done we bring in our field investigation team. During this phase we will come into the building and set up cameras and other epuipment. We will spend the better part of the night attempting to catch activity on film and audio.  Our sensitives and channeler will attempt to communicate with any spirits that may be present.

     After we have completed all these phases, we will then spend a few days reviewing all the collected data. At that time all members of the team will meet to discuss what information they have and compare notes. Each part of the team keeps their data to themselves until all parts are complete. This helps to ensure the purity of the investigation.





What Happens If You Find Activity?

    If we confirm activity we will direct you in the best possible way to deal with the situation. For example it may be a nonmalevolent spirit who is simply there to watch over a household member. You may want to allow that spirit to remain. It may be a negative energy that needs to be removed. If we are dealing with demons an excorcism may need to be performed. Whatever the situation we will guide you on how best to move forward.

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