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Charlie Kryszewski 


Charlie Kryszewski (Kre - CHEF - ski)
Intuitive, Empath, Tarot Reader
Charlie started investigating four years ago, when his husband (Brian
Clark) dragged him to the USS Hornet for a “History, Mystery, Overnight”
onboard ship. After that night, he was hooked on investigating.
Charlie has had the pleasure of investigating many well known sites, such
as Waverly Hills, Bobby Mackay’s Music World, Old South Pittsburg
Hospital, Washoe Club, and the Bonanza in Virginia City, Nevada. Charlie
has also investigated other sites and several home investigations.
Charlie is always trying new ideas while investigating and just recently
started doing Tarot readings for Spirits.
Charlie has been on a couple of different Paranormal Investigation teams
and now heads up REAP Investigations, West Coast, California chapter
with his husband (Brian Clark)

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