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Michelle Le Baron is a paranormal investigator who has had experiences with the ghostly realm ever since she was a child.  Her maternal lineage includes witches and psychics traceable all the way back to the 1500s in Aberdeen, Scotland.  

Michelle is an Intuitive and also extremely Empathic and she uses her intuitions and feelings in combination with ghost hunting equipment, videos, and photos to collect compelling data of the afterlife.

Given the nickname “Ghost Magnet” by some of her friends and people she has investigated with, Michelle believes herself to be a light beacon for spirits. The dead often speak to her through electronic communication devices, EVPs, and disembodied voices (sometimes even calling her out by her name).  Michelle has decided to join the Reap Investigations team as a West Coast Team Member at large ... (Since the team is based back east) Michelle will still continue to be solo and do her own live streaming investigations and share her adventures and passion and continue to work and learn from everyone in the field .. Michelle’s main goal is to spread Love and Light in the Paranormal community. Michelle’s paranormal passion runs deep in her veins and her mission is to make a meaningful contribution to the field as well as help as many people as she can in the process (both living and dead)…

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