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Brian Clark
Brian Clark grew up with the ability to sense and hear spirits since the age of 4
years old. He spent many years pushing those gifts down due to a very religious
background however they stayed with him even in his silence. In his 20s, he finally
started seeking out what felt right for him and his belief system and everything
came flooding back. Since 2015, he has moved back with a passion, into the
paranormal world with an open mind and spirit and has lovingly been called a “
ghost wrangler" by friends due to the increase in activity when he’s around. Brian
has been a member of two wonderful former teams and is also a practicing witch.
Using himself and a few basic pieces of equipment, Brian most enjoys working
with those living and passed and helping each, to the best of his ability, to be at
peace. Spreading understanding and respect in the field with a dash of humor and
love is his mission with his Husband and paranormal investigator, Charlie
Kryszewski. Both Brian and Charlie are heading up Reap Investigations West
Coast, California.

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