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Surviving the paranormal field

The paranormal field like any other has it's cliques. Sometimes it can feel as if you are back in junior high school again. You constantly hear the phrases "Can't we all just get along?" or "ParaUnity" (that's the biggest one}

Is Paraunity attainable? Maybe one day in a fairy tale world far far away. I wish I could say "YES absolutely" but let's face it this is the real world and here there are egos and turf wars, and bullies. Some days it's tiring seeing the same old para drama.

So how do we keep going and stay positive? For me I focus on those closest to me whom I trust completely and I would lay down my life for if needed. My family! The family who are blood and my chosen family. I turn to them when I am feeling drained and tired. I go to them for support, love and laughter. I stay focused on helping others. I remember that every rocky and dark path is guiding me to a smoother and brighter road.

Don't bite when people try to bait you, why give them your energy. Trust your gut! Most importantly always remember there are really only a few in the field who want to create chaos, the rest are just trying to do what the love and help others or have fun. Also if you have haters you are doing something right. :-)

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